Corrective Exercises

Correct Imbalances with Corrective Exercises

When you are injured, you need to have rehabilitation exercises to correct your injury. By doing corrective exercises, your body is able to heal properly because these exercises are teaching your body to move with the correct muscles where you are injured. Ribley Family Chiropractic in Woodstock offers customized rehabilitation exercises to fit your circumstances and does not require any detoxification of any kind.

Corrective Exercises for proper alignment

What is Corrective Exercise?

Your body works as a system, with each part having its own role, yet supporting and protecting other parts, such as muscles protecting joints and bones. When you suffer from an injury, the damage affects more than just the point of injury, it can affect parts around it. This is why you have to keep part of your arm immobilized when you hurt your wrist. As part of your recovery, strengthening the muscles and shoring up ligaments around an injury is just as important as adjusting your body as a whole to take physical stress off the injured area. Corrective exercise targets these parts and strengthen the part of the body that is injured.

What Corrective Exercise Does for Recovery

Rest is essential for injured muscles and joints, to an extent. Eventually you have to start moving again. And when you do, you may feel imbalance because there may be parts of you weaker than others. For example, your injured right leg might be weaker than your left because of the rest your right leg had to undergo. Our chiropractors can help you do corrective exercises to bring your strength level back up so that you're not imbalanced.

This "rebalancing" has two effects. One is that the strength you gain helps cushion the area against additional injury. The other is that you prevent further injury due to the imbalance itself. For example, if you have an injured leg, you start to limp. When your injured leg recovers, your other leg might start hurt due to compensating your injured leg before. The weaker leg required the stronger leg to handle more balance and movement, which lead it to the point of injury.

When you combined with chiropractic treatment, which helps your posture and releases tension that might have contributed to additional muscular stress, rehabilitation exercises helps your body readjust and regain its ability to work as a whole system with each part contributing and receiving support. Our chiropractic treatment, provided by our Woodstock chiropractors, can alleviate some of the pain, allowing you to be better about sticking with your exercises. This isn't a fancy detoxification scheme, this is rehabilitation with a track record.

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