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Personal Injury Treatment at Ribley Chiropractic in Woodstock, GA

Few incidents feel more personal than a personal injury. Whether you've taken a slip and fall off a ladder at home, developed chronic back or neck pain from overuse, or suffered the effects of poor workplace ergonomics, you're probably looking for the safest, most effective form of non-invasive treatment you can find in Woodstock, GA. Ribley Chiropractic can give you the treatment you seek so you can resume your normal, pain-free life.

A family walking through a road with treesSome of the More Common Personal Injuries

Personal injuries include pretty much any kind of injury that affects your body, as opposed to property damage or other legal definitions of "injury." That means you can sustain a personal injury at work, at home, on the playing field, or just about anywhere else. These injuries can take an equally wide range of forms, with some of the more common examples including:

Back pain - Lifting a heavy object without the proper care or assistance can cause acute back strain, torn muscles, herniated discs and low back pain. 

Neck pain - Acute neck pain may occur due to whiplash from an auto accident or high-impact works/sports collision. 

Slip and fall injuries - A slip and fall onto a wet floor can be just as damaging as a slip and fall off of a stepladder. If you land wrong, you can easily damage your spinal alignment or dislocate an extremity joint.

Ergonomic problems - If your workplace arrangement has you constantly twisting or bending your body, you can expect strained muscles and pinched nerves as a result. Carpal tunnel and "text neck" can both be caused by improper positioning of office electronics.

How Chiropractic Care at Our Woodstock Clinic Can Help

Whether your personal injury is acute or chronic in nature, you've come to right place when you come to Ribley Chiropractic. Any Woodstock chiropractor on our team can examine your musculoskeletal system for signs of alignment problems while analyzing your symptoms and discussing any circumstances surrounding the injury. Back and neck injuries may benefit from chiropractic care to correct joint misalignment or spinal decompression to treat injured discs and pinched nerves. Massage therapy can reduce swelling and pain while helping you heal more quickly. Once you've started feeling better, we can prescribe corrective exercises to restore your function and make lifestyle recommendations to help you stay out of trouble going forward.

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