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Dr. Peri Fletcher
Doctor of Chiropractor and Nutritional Specialist
Attended the State University of NY at Suffolk Community College and earned her degree as a Fitness Specialist.


 Dr. Peri Fletcher is a native of Long Island, NY. She attended the State University of NY at Suffolk Community College and earned her degree as a Fitness Specialist. While working towards that degree, she encountered several chiropractors and was so impressed by their knowledge of the human body and preventative measures in healthcare. These encounters led her to pursue a higher level of education which brought her to Life University to study Chiropractic Science. She graduated and immediately went into practice in Atlanta, GA. Feeling like there was still something more she could be doing to further her patients’ health, Dr. Peri pursued her passion for nutrition to bring that into the practice as well. Dr. Peri places full emphasis on educating her patients on the importance of staying active and maintaining a healthy lifestyle. Dr. Peri and her husband live in Canton GA with their 4 children. As a busy mother , Dr. Peri is truly promoting the family wellness practice she is so passionate about. After hundreds of hours of post graduate education, she has earned the title of Clinical Nutritionist. Using an analysis technique developed by Dr. Freddie Ulan called ‘Nutrition Response Testing’, Dr. Peri is able to pinpoint the exact organs that are nutritionally deficient. From this analysis she is then able to design a natural health improvement program to handle your specific conditions. For more information,visit her website at


 – Doctor of Chiropractic – Life University in Marietta, GA– Fitness Specialist, A.S. – State University of New York @ Suffolk Community College– Clinical Nutritionist


Nutritional Specialist w/ Dr Ulan’s Nutritional Response Testing


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