Whiplash Treatment At Our Woodstock Chiropractic Clinic

An auto accident injury can change a person’s life in a split second. One of the most common traumas of  auto accident injury is whiplash. This is why our Ribley Family Chiropractic practice, located in Woodstock, GA provides various treatments to bring relief to individuals in an attempt to get them back on the road to better health.

Man with neck pain from whiplash.

What Is Whiplash and How Does it Happen?

Whiplash is when the muscle and tendons, situated in the vertebras in the neck region, are stretched and torn due to an unexpected force.

This type of impact is usually associated with a vehicle collision, in which an individual’s car slams into the trunk of another car. This action can lead to the neck of the victim being violently jarred back and forth, resulting in straining the neck area.

Players, especially in contact sports can also suffer from injuries to the cervical vertebra similar to whiplash, in which they need the same kind of treatment.                    

Why Is It Important To Get Immediate Treatment?

It is imperative that a person acquire treatment as quickly as possible as delaying whiplash intervention can lead to even more health problems. These troubles can include experiencing a concussion, stiffness, dizziness, tinnitus and trouble focusing on a simple task.     

How Our Chiropractor Can Treat Whiplash

Our chiropractor can provide relief for whiplash stemming from an auto accident.

They will get your medical information, inquire about the accident as well as give you a comprehensive exam. This could include discovering your range of motion, checking if there is any radiating pain extending to your back or shoulders and seeing how flexible you are.

After taking these steps, they will discuss the best way to go forward. Their suggestions could include gentle adjustments of the vertebras to help alleviate the pain.

  • Compression, a non-invasive method of tractions for the musculoskeletal structure, helps eliminate pressure off the patient’s, while slowly bringing it back to normal.        
  • Massage therapy can play a critical role in helping a person to relax, get rid of stiffness, bring blood flow to the affected region and encourage faster healing.
  • Restorative exercises as well as consultation for lifestyle changes, including nutritional counseling are available and have a place in a person’s overall recovery.      

Discover Whiplash Treatment at Ribley Chiropractic 

It is good to remember that if you have a whiplash injury; it is essential to acquire help quickly. Here at Ribley Family Chiropractic in Woodstock, we offer treatment for individuals who have sustained whiplash and other injuries in an auto accident.

For more details on what Dr. Dan Ribley and our team can do for you, please contact us today, at (770) 592-2505 to make an appointment.


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