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can a chiropractor help with neck pain

Can a Chiropractor Help With Neck Pain: 6 Reasons to Schedule a Session

According to the National Institute of Health, neck pain affects up to 75% of people in certain parts of the world. Individuals dealing with this kind of pain often want a solution that provides them with long-lasting relief. Can a chiropractor help with neck pain?

Chiropractors provide natural relief to many kinds of neck pain. Adjustments help bring your body back into alignment, relieving pain and helping you feel better. Contact the team at Ripley Chiropractic to learn more about treatment benefits when you call (770) 592-2505.

Use this article to review the reasons to consider neck adjustments from your local neck pain chiropractor.

#1: Chiropractors Identify the Causes of Neck Pain

Can a chiropractor help with neck pain? The answer to this question depends upon the underlying causes of the pain. A neck pain chiropractor may be able to provide you with relief for the discomfort caused by:

  •       Pinched nerves
  •       Strains
  •       Muscle spasms

Sometimes, this pain comes from a herniated disc or osteoarthritis. Your chiropractor performs an assessment when you set up a session, often taking x-rays and conducting a physical examination.

Your chiropractor provides you with information about the probable causes of your neck pain. Depending upon the source, the chiropractor may set up a treatment plan to address your discomfort.

#2: Chiropractors Provide Safe Treatment

Muscle spasms and poor posture often leave patients dealing with lasting and severe pain in their neck and spine. Some patients visit doctors when they experience chronic neck pain, considering surgical options to address discomfort originating from the cervical spine.

Surgery addresses some of the causes of neck pain but requires invasive medical procedures that often result in a lengthy recovery. Additionally, surgical treatments sometimes fail, necessitating further procedures or leaving patients to deal with complications.

Chiropractors focus on holistic and non-invasive treatments to address neck pain. Chiropractic doctors adjust the position of your bones using their hands or specialized tools, reducing pain and returning your body systems into alignment.

#3: Chiropractic Care Causes Minimal Discomfort

Surgical treatments to handle neck pain often leave patients with significant pain and discomfort during the healing process. Chiropractic care, on the other hand, minimizes your total discomfort through the treatment process.

You may notice some soreness after an adjustment by a chiropractic professional. However, the discomfort often decreases with subsequent visits, as your body becomes used to your bones staying in the correct alignment.

Make sure that you notify your chiropractor if you notice increased pain or discomfort after your adjustment.

#4: Treatments Address Your Entire Body

Can a chiropractor help with neck pain? In many cases, the answer to this question is “yes.” Not only do chiropractors assist with pain from the weight of your head or poor posture, but they also address other forms of bodily discomfort.

Have you noticed pain in your arm or shoulder? In some cases, this pain stems directly from issues with the alignment of the cervical vertebrae. Chiropractors minimize your pain by addressing the root cause of the problem.

Your chiropractor may help by:

  •       Repositioning misaligned bones
  •       Encouraging your muscles to relax
  •       Minimizing pressure against your nerves

Chiropractors also focus on reducing pain in the lower back by providing care for your entire spinal column.

#5: Chiropractors Offer Holistic Care

Normal wear and tear on your body can lead to neck pain over time. In other situations, neck pain results from an accident or an injury. Regardless of the causes of the pain, a chiropractor provides you with a comprehensive treatment plan.

Chiropractors provide treatment that goes behind adjustments to your bones. A chiropractic practitioner may also recommend treatments like myofascial release or massage. Other ways to reduce neck pain include focusing on:

  •       Correcting your posture
  •       Completing a specialized exercise program
  •       Changing certain behaviors

Chiropractors may provide you with information about exercises that strengthen the muscles in your back and neck. Stronger muscles in this area help to keep your bones in the correct alignment even between appointments.

Over the long-term, chiropractors aim to get rid of your neck pain entirely, bringing your body back into correct alignment and helping you avoid the use of prescription and over-the-counter pain-relieving medication.

#6: Appointments Can End Your Neck Pain for Good

Chiropractic treatments focus on reducing neck pain and, eventually, getting rid of it in some cases. Depending upon the causes of your neck pain, a chiropractic doctor may start you out with multiple appointments in a single week.

Over time, your bones move closer to alignment, and you may require less frequent appointments. Often, your actions contribute to the rate of your recovery. Patients who follow all recommendations from their doctors see results more quickly.

Patients with neck pain from a pinched nerve or issues with their posture may recover to the point that they no longer require chiropractic visits, even for upkeep. However, patients who experience pain caused by arthritis or an accident may require long-term care for pain reduction.

Setting up an appointment allows you to learn more about your specific situation from a highly trained professional. The chiropractor you visit provides individualized care designed to meet your needs and always focuses on putting you first.

Find Out How a Chiropractor Helps With Neck Pain

Can a chiropractor help with neck pain? Chiropractic services in Woodstock often minimize discomfort and pain in patients with pinched nerves, arthritis, and other issues. Discuss Woodstock, GA, neck pain treatment with the team at Ripley Chiropractic to set up an appointment.

You can prepare questions to ask a chiropractor before calling (770) 592-2505. Find out how much experience the chiropractic team has, review their rates, and discuss further options for treatment.