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Enjoy better health with the right nutrition plan

Get individual nutrition guidance that helps you feel healthy, stay active, and improve overall wellness.

Nutrition planning at Ribley Chiropractic in Woodstock, GA.

More energy. Better sleep. Fewer health problems. With the right nutrition plan, you can enjoy all of these benefits – for life!

At Ribley Family Chiropractic, our doctors understand that eating right is essential for feeling your best. And if you’re recovering from an injury or seeking relief from chronic pain, nutrition will almost always be a key part of your care plan.

That’s why we incorporate individual nutrition guidance into your treatment, often from the very beginning. The results are faster healing, higher energy levels, and the ability to stay active for the long term!

Total family nutrition planning that keeps everyone healthy

  • Whole foods diet plans
  • Symptom surveys
  • Family meal planning
  • Supplementation, as needed
  • Muscle testing
  • Individual diet plans

These families are feeling great after following our doctors’ nutritional guidance

“The most fascinating patient outcome from my treatment is that I lost over 25lbs of weight! My treatment helped me lose weight by allowing me more mobility for exercise and it also boosted my energy levels once I stopped living in constant pain, I feel like a million dollars after an adjustment!”
Ryan H

How we approach family nutrition plans

Every family is different, and we understand that! At Ribley Family Chiropractic, our doctors develop custom nutrition guidelines for every individual or family.

While no two diets are exactly the same, all of our nutrition guidance follows these fundamentals:

  • Priority placed on whole foods, including fruits, vegetables, and lean proteins

  • Nutritional supplements when there are specific deficiencies
  • Realistic meal planning for every family situation
  • Emphasis (or de-emphasis) on certain foods, depending on your health goals
  • Targeted plans for overall health, weight loss, and/or cholesterol management

Get a nutrition plan that fits you.

Here’s how our doctors provide individualized nutritional guidance:


When you work with our doctors, you complete a patient history and symptom survey. That way, we can better understand your situation and help you target any specific health goals.


From muscle testing to measurements for body fat and water content, we build individual nutrition plans around your unique stats. That way, you get a plan that’s all your own.

Standard Process supplements available

At Ribley Family Chiropractic, we’re an approved Standard Process health care provider!

To ensure that all patients are choosing the right products, this US-based supplement maker only sells directly to health professionals. Any time we prescribe nutritional supplements, you have the opportunity to purchase these safe, American-made supplements in the appropriate quantities.

InBody body composition analysis

Get informed nutritional guidance based on your actual physical stats! Our doctors can measure your body composition and body water content using an InBody 570 analyzer. No dunking, pinching, or discomfort required!

These measurements paint a clear picture of your underlying physical symptoms and help us develop the right nutrition plan for you.

Here’s what can happen when you follow the right nutrition plan

  • Be more active
  • Maintain a healthy weight
  • Lower cholesterol
  • Accelerate healing
  • Enjoy each day
  • Increase energy levels
  • Improve flexibility
  • Live longer and better
  • Feel amazing every day
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