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How much is a visit without insurance?

Your first visit with us would be $149 for the initial exam, consultation, x-rays , and an adjustment. 
Any follow-up visits would be $45. 
We also have adjustment package options for our Time-of-Service patients as well as family visit pricing.

We have discounts for military, students, and first responders.

Active Therapies range from $25-$100 out of pocket depending on the type and time.

How can I request my medical records?

To request your medical records from our office, or to request records from another office to be sent to us, please fill out the medical records release either in office or in the “Forms” link under “New Patients”.

At what age can I bring my child in to get adjusted?

At Ribley Family Chiropractic, we adjust people of all ages – from 2 days old to over 100!!

Do you take my insurance?

We take many different insurances. Please contact the office so we can send up your information and see what your benefits and rates are!

Can I book appointments online?

We ask that your first visit be booked with one of our staff members so we can help get you on the right schedule. Any follow up visits for adjustments can be make through our online booking portal found at the link at the top of this page. Any therapy appointments would not be able to be made online.

Do you treat Auto Accident patients?

Yes, we have a team that specializes in Personal Injury cases at our office. We handle Attorney, Third Party, and MedPay cases. Please contact our office for more information!

Do you treat worker’s comp?

We do not handle worker’s comp. claims at our office, but we can treat you as a Time-of-Service patient and supply you with any receipts and/or records as requested for you to try and get reimbursed on the back end.

Do you have anyone who does instrument adjustments?

We have adjusters of all styles! Most of our doctors do a mix of manual adjusting and instrument work, but if you prefer instrument only we have a place for you as well.

Do you sell Standard Process supplements?

Yes! We have a few practices at our office who sell Standard Process as well as other known brands such as Pillow Wise, MediHerb, and Full Flower, etc. 

Do you take Walk-ins?

We prefer your first appointment with us to be scheduled so that we can ensure that the doctor has enough time with you and so that we can get you matched with a practice that suits your needs/wants.

Going forward, if you prefer to do walk-in visits, we can get you back as soon as there is an opening, there is no guarantee how long the wait may be. The fastest way to get in last minute would be to call us and see the soonest that we can get you in.