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Our Story

Since 1999, we’ve provided a complete health and wellness experience at our Towne Lake clinic.

Wow! Have we really been
doing this for 25+ years?

It’s hard to believe that Ribley Family Chiropractic has been a fixture of the Woodstock area for more than two decades. But we have! And we’re just as invested in the health of this community today as we were when we first opened our doors.

At Ribley, we believe that you deserve to keep your family healthy and live a joyful, pain-free, stress-free life.

That’s why we do what we do each day! In our insanely busy and stressful world, the doctors and massage therapists at Ribley strive to help you live life the way you want to live it.

Our roots in this community run deep.

When Drs. Dan and Kristin Ribley opened Ribley Family Chiropractic in 1999, they were following in a noble family tradition. Dan’s father, Charles Ribley, was a founding member of Life University in Marietta, the world’s largest single-campus chiropractic college.

Throughout Dan’s life, his father taught him to make good, informed choices about his health and to inspire others to create a healthy lifestyle that serves them well. At Ribley Chiropractic, Dan and Kristin have done — and are continuing to do — exactly that.

We help Woodstock area families unlock their bodies’ natural healing abilities.

Everyone has the inborn potential to lead a healthy life! At Ribley, we help you and your family optimize health and wellness in three different ways:
Taken together, these treatments and services provide an effective pathway to excellent long-term health and wellness for every member of your family!

Doctors and massage therapists
who prioritize wellness

Help your body heal and start enjoying each day

  • Stop back and neck pain
  • Sleep longer and better
  • Minimize stress
  • Boost energy levels
  • Get rid of headaches
  • Help your kids stay healthy
  • Get your life back on track
  • Succeed with weight loss
  • Feel amazing every day
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