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The Sound Wave Approach

Your brain controls all functions in your body. Nerves must pass from the brain to the organs, tissues, and body systems without interference for regular function and proper recovery to occur. Health and healing is possible when this nerve communication is clear, long-term. 

The upper cervical region of the spine is where your head connects to your neck. The very top bone of the spine is called the Atlas and the second bone is called the Axis. There are very important structures that are situated in and around these two bones such as your brainstem, major blood vessels, your jaw, and more than 20 different muscles. 

Without proper alignment of these structures, you could experience discomfort, dysfunction, and deterioration. It is crucial for the structures of this area to be in alignment for nerve signals to travel properly to the rest of your body.

Sound wave upper cervical chiropractic is gentle and precise. The doctor takes a specialized series of x-rays, and, from these, calculates customized coordinates based upon your bone structure and misalignments. Sound wave upper cervical correction provides long-lasting adjustment of the spine. Healing occurs when you maintain your spinal alignment.