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Heal your body and get back in the game

Targeted chiropractic treatment can help you overcome all kinds of sports injuries

Feel good and start playing again.

Sports injuries are common in our active community, and chiropractic care is often the most effective way to stop the pain and heal quickly.

At Ribley Family Chiropractic, our doctors have seen – and helped patients heal from – all manner of sports injuries. From tennis and golf injuries to football, baseball, and cheerleading, we’ve helped hundreds of athletes and active people get back to doing what they love.

If you’re in pain from a sports injury, we can help you feel amazing again!

We treat all of these conditions at our clinic in Woodstock, Georgia

  • Tennis injuries that affect the arms, shoulders, elbows, and knees
  • Upper and lower back pain and neck pain from golfing
  • Injuries from the football field, basketball court, or baseball diamond
  • Student athlete injuries from cheerleading to soccer and beyond

Here’s what athletes say about working with our doctors

“I came to Ribley Chiropractic due to chronic lower back pain stemming from a sports injury a year prior. It took a few treatments before I really started to feel a difference but after the 3rd or 4th visit, I started noticing an overall reduction in baseline pain at all times of the day.”
Ryan H

How chiropractic treatments help you heal from a sports injury

Chiropractic adjustments help correct misaligned vertebrae and heal pain in the muscles, tissues, bones, or disks. The most common results include better spinal alignment, significantly less discomfort, and greater overall harmony of bodily systems.

More specifically, chiropractic care can bring you:

  • Faster recovery times

  • Improved flexibility

  • Prevention of future injury

  • Enhanced athletic performance

  • Reduction in headaches

  • Relief from digestive problems

  • Improved immune system function

Some injuries are sudden. Others develop over time.

Taking a big hit on the football field is a lot different from the slow onset of lower back pain that a golfer might experience. However, in both cases, chiropractic adjustments can provide effective relief and help you start playing and competing again.

At Ribley, we’re active just like you! Our chiropractors know how important it is to heal from your injury with an effective, individual care plan.

It’s time to be active again and feel amazing

  • Kickstart a pain-free life
  • Get an effective care plan
  • Start competing again
  • Feel healthy and strong
  • Improve overall wellness
  • Increase energy levels
  • Help your body heal
  • Be more active
  • Do more of what you love
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