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Can A Chiropractor Help with Arthritis?

Can A Chiropractor Help with Arthritis?

Chiropractic care can treat various medical conditions and injuries. Many patients ask, “Can a chiropractor help with arthritis?” The simple answer is “yes.” 

Chiropractic services in Woodstock by Ribley Chiropractic Care can help treat various medical concerns, including arthritis pain.

This guide will explore how chiropractic treatments can address arthritis and other benefits chiropractic care offers.

What to Know About Arthritis and Chiropractic Care 

In the United States alone, around 58.5 million people (24% of adults) have arthritis. While many treatment options are available, chiropractic care is a safe, natural, and non-invasive method for managing arthritis pain and symptoms. 

Two prime types of arthritis exist: osteoarthritis and rheumatoid arthritis.


As patients age, their cartilage begins to wear away. This cartilage is instrumental in cushioning and protecting joints. Also called degenerative joint disease, osteoarthritis commonly impacts adults 60 years or older. 

Osteoarthritis mainly occurs in the following areas:

  • Knees
  • Finger joints 
  • Hips
  • Spine

Besides patients 60 years or older, it’s not uncommon for athletes or workers that do repetitive tasks daily to develop this type of arthritis. Although chiropractic care can’t restore lost cartilage, it can alleviate symptoms like pain. 

Rheumatoid Arthritis

Rheumatoid arthritis results from joints and surrounding tissues suffering from inflammation. This type of arthritis is an autoimmune disease that targets the body’s tissues. This disease reduces tissues and joint fluid, leading to extensive pain and swelling. 

Unfortunately, spinal realignments only exacerbate the issue. However, the proper chiropractic care techniques work to repair lost nervous system communication, facilitating better body functionality and movement. 

What Does the Process Look Like? 

When asking, “Can a chiropractor help with arthritis?” it’s good to know that chiropractors can address different types of arthritis. To do so, they use various techniques, including realigning a patient’s spine and joints, when applicable. Realigning certain body parts can reduce joint pain and improve the range of motion. 

However, before a chiropractor starts treatment, they will first conduct different tests, which can include using X-rays. Next, they will ask for a patient’s medical history. Then, the chiropractor can craft a personalized plan that makes the most sense for a patient’s needs. 

During this time, a chiropractor can help patients with other needs, like adjusting their diets. Whether suffering from arthritis or not, a patient receiving chiropractic care can experience the following benefits: 

  • Increased flexibility 
  • Overall reduction in pain and discomfort
  • Reduced inflammation
  • Better range of motion and movement 
  • Better lifestyle changes

Is It Safe to Receive Chiropractic Care for Arthritis? 

Patients may wonder if receiving chiropractic care for their arthritis is safe. While this treatment option is generally safer than medications or surgeries, patients with rheumatoid arthritis should exercise extra caution. 

Joints that have active swelling shouldn’t receive chiropractic care. Before treatment, a chiropractor needs to evaluate a patient’s body and medical history to determine if they’re a good candidate for treatment. 

Patients can also use chiropractic care alongside infrared saunas and electrotherapy treatments that stimulate nerves and muscles.

See How Ribley Family Chiropractic Can Help Today 

Ribley Family Chiropractic happily helps arthritis patients receive the care they need for a better quality of life. Their qualified staff can answer, “Can a chiropractor help with arthritis?” and any other questions you have.

Discover their comprehensive care by contacting their team and exploring the numerous benefits chiropractic therapy offers!

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