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how often should you go to the chiropractor

How Often Should You Go to the Woodstock Chiropractor?

Chiropractic care can treat a variety of ailments. There are many causes of neck and back pain, and a chiropractor has the training to identify the root cause and provide a great deal of relief for patients who live with pain every day.

Many patients ask, “How often should you go to the chiropractor?” The answer depends on each patient and the reason for their pain. 

Ribley Chiropractic is a trusted Woodstock chiropractor with over 21 years of experience creating custom care plans for patients to give them maximum benefits.

Common Reasons To Visit a Chiropractor in Woodstock

Many people visit a chiropractor for pain management. In the United States, 30 to 60% of people who experience pain have seen one. 

Chiropractic care is a natural treatment method that can give some patients enough pain relief to no longer rely on prescription medications. Some reasons people visit a chiropractor include: 

  • Chronic conditions like rheumatoid arthritis
  • Low back pain from poor posture or injury
  • Migraines that don’t respond to other types of treatment
  • Neuropathy or nerve pain
  • Neck pain due to injury or office jobs

Regular chiropractic appointments can reduce inflammation and increase the range of motion in patients with chronic conditions.

Frequency of Woodstock Chiropractor Visits

To answer the question, “How often should you go to the chiropractor?” the patient and chiropractor must work together to form a care plan. There are different types of appointments depending on the type and severity of the injury.

Urgent Treatment

Patients schedule urgent appointments shortly after severe pain develops. The pain could develop after a traumatic event like a car accident or from a home injury like picking up something heavy. The chiropractor will evaluate the patient to determine how many treatments it will take to address the injury.

Reparative Treatment

After the emergency chiropractic adjustment, patients can move on to reparative treatment. The chiropractor will try to treat the underlying cause of the pain through a spinal correction or by giving the patient exercises to improve their posture. If a patient stops scheduling reparative treatment visits, their pain could quickly return.

Preventative Treatment

Once the patient’s quality of life improves, they can move on to preventive care. These visits are less frequent and focus on the overall health of the patient. They are more like regular checkups with a primary care physician or dentist.

Reduce Pain With Regular Chiropractic Adjustments in Woodstock

The answer to the question, “How often should you go to the chiropractor?” is different for every patient. Some people benefit from one adjustment every six months, while others with chronic pain may need to go once per month to get the most out of treatment. 

Ribley Chiropractic in Woodstock, Georgia, has an experienced team that knows how daily stress can take a toll on the body. If you need a chiropractor for Osteoporosis or an acute injury, fill out the online contact form, and a member of the team will reach out to schedule an exam.