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3 Tips on Preventing Back Pain at Work for Woodstock Residents

Hundreds of Woodstock residents experience back pain at work at least once in their lives, if not regularly. Failing to curb back pain swiftly can worsen the issue while making you more susceptible to other, more significant problems. That’s why Ribley Family Chiropractic put together some efficient tips on preventing back pain at work.

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3 Tips to Eliminate Back Pain at Work in Woodstock, GA

Back pain is exceedingly common and can significantly diminish your quality of life. Failing to treat back pain often leads to health consequences that prevent you from participating in your favorite physical activities. It can also impede your work by reducing your efficiency and work speed, putting your job at risk.

However, if you utilize the following tips to reduce back pain at work in Woodstock, GA, you can improve your health and avoid potential risk factors.

1. Don’t Surpass Your Physical Limits

Many manual labor jobs have physical demands that require employees to lift and move heavy objects regularly. Understanding your physical limitations will help you avoid back injuries and chronic pain. Never attempt to pick up items that surpass your abilities unless you have assistance or a moving tool like a dolly.

2. Use Proper Lifting Techniques

Many people don’t know how to lift objects correctly, making them vulnerable to various injuries. Using proper lifting techniques will preserve your back and prevent back pain at work.

To lift heavy items properly, move close to them and bend your knees while tightening your abdominal muscles. Use your leg muscles to lift the object while keeping the item close to your body. Avoid twisting your upper body and maintain your back’s natural curve.

3. Maintain Proper Posture

Maintaining proper posture is more important than you might think. It has a significant impact on your overall health and ensures adequate blood flow, prevents various injuries, and even gives you more energy.

Slumping over for long periods puts excess stress on your muscles, ligaments, and spinal disks, causing significant back pain that often worsens over time. Improving your posture will preserve your back and provide several benefits that elevate your quality of life.

Contact Ribley Family Chiropractic to Eliminate Your Chronic Back Pain in Woodstock, GA

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