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can stress make your neck hurt

Can Stress Make Your Neck Hurt: A Guide for Woodstock Residents

Everyone experiences stress at various points in their lives. Managing modern life and keeping all the plates spinning can leave most adults in a frequent (or even constant) fight-or-flight stage. Not only will this cause the body to produce extra stress hormones, but ongoing stress can also result in painful physical symptoms. 

As a neck pain chiropractor in Woodstock, GA, the Ribley Family Chiropractic team often receives questions like, “Can stress make your neck hurt?” Quite simply, yes, excessive stress can cause pain in the neck. Chiropractic adjustments and changes to your lifestyle, like developing healthier thought patterns, can help reduce discomfort and help you manage and reduce stress more effectively.

The Effect of Stress on Physical Well Being

How can stress make your neck hurt, anyway?

The most common cause of stress-related neck and shoulder pain is tension. Facing ongoing stress can cause you to freeze because your body remains prepared for a perceived threat. Even though you may not be in actual physical danger, issues like work, financial problems, Woodstock traffic, and even the evening news can trigger an emotion that results in muscle tension and a sore neck. 

Experiencing these triggers is normal, and there are times when the fight-or-flight response is important and even welcome. Some types of stress can even be beneficial; for example, athletes rely on the fight-or-flight response for motivation. But when there isn’t any reprieve or a chance to recover from the rush of hormones, that tension can mean significant pain. 

How a Woodstock Chiropractor Can Help 

Working with chiropractors or physical therapists can help people with stress-related pain find relief and develop healthy ways to manage stress. In addition to spinal adjustments to improve spinal alignment and reduce painful tension, chiropractors work with patients to uncover methods that support a healthier response to stressful situations. These might include:

  • Massage therapy to ease tension and muscle pain in the next. 
  • Exercise to redirect energy and reduce tension; exercise also releases endorphins that improve mood and feelings of well-being.
  • Stretches to loosen tight muscles and improve range of motion

Seeing a chiropractor for help managing stress-related muscle tension is especially helpful with additional treatments. Cognitive behavior therapy can help you develop effective strategies for responding to stress. Yoga, meditation, and tai chi can also help by providing the chance to relax and quiet thought patterns.

Get Help Managing Stress From Woodstock’s Favorite Chiropractic Practice 

It’s practically impossible to avoid stress in today’s busy world, but that doesn’t mean you need to suffer. Your doctor will answer “Yes” when you ask, “Can stress make your neck hurt?” but seeing a chiropractor and making some lifestyle changes can help you face anything that comes your way without ongoing discomfort. 

For help managing stress and eliminating related muscle tension, fixing uneven shoulders, addressing leg pain, or other chronic or acute issues, request an appointment at Ribley Family Chiropractic in Woodstock, GA, for a thorough exam and treatment plan.