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Pediatric Chiropractic Care

Contribute to Your Family’s Wellness with Pediatric Chiropractic Care

You may have heard the age-old adage that parents are only as happy as their unhappiest child. When children are happy and healthy, the rest of the family usually is, too. When you incorporate pediatric chiropractic care into your family routine, your children can gain all the same benefits that you do! Regular visits to a family chiropractor contribute to:


  • Relief from pain and headaches 
  • Increased immunity and energy
  • Better, more restful sleep
  • Enhanced enjoyment of daily activities


Call Ribley Family Chiropractic in Woodstock, GA, today and discover how pediatric chiropractic care can help your family. 

Why Pediatric Chiropractic Care?

It may not even occur to you that a chiropractor could benefit your perfectly healthy, growing child. However, a pediatric chiropractic routine can set up your little movers and shakers for an active and healthy life. 


Chiropractic care can begin in infancy. The birthing process can be a traumatic experience for the bodies of adults and babies alike. Your baby might have slight spine or joint misalignment after entering the world. While this may correct itself over time, your infant may need extra care in the form of noninvasive treatment from a pediatric chiropractor. Ribley Family Chiropractic doctors employ a gentler touch for children and babies in the development stage. 


Colic is another concern of many newborn parents. This fussy condition can wreak havoc on the family sleep schedule, with episodes peaking in infants about six weeks old and declining after three to four months. While the exact cause of colic is unknown, one of the possibilities is the underdeveloped digestive system of infants. This can be remedied with pediatric chiropractic care and can help the whole family get some much-needed shut-eye. 


Pediatric chiropractic care is also one way to keep your kids’ posture in check as they—you can only say, “Sit up straight!” so many times—and posture plays an important role in overall health and wellness. 

Preparing for a Life of Adventure

As any parent can tell you, kids grow up fast, and they are busy, busy, busy. From repeated falls as they learn to walk and move to sports injuries to pain associated with overuse of technology, finding time for your kids’ chiropractic concerns needs to be a priority. Of course, you will be there to nurse your kids back to health when they get hurt, but you can take steps to prevent injuries altogether with a pediatric chiropractic care plan. 


You can be proactive with your child’s health instead of reactive to their injuries with regular care that increases flexibility and increases range of motion. This can help prevent breaking and tearing injuries to the bones and tendons.

Receive a Personalized Wellness Plan

When your children are healthier, you are healthier. When they sleep better, you sleep better. When they’re happier, you’re happier. Pediatric chiropractic care is truly in the best interest of the entire family. Just like fingerprints, every person’s body is unique. Book an appointment to receive a personalized wellness plan by calling Ribley Family Chiropractic in Woodstock, GA, at 770-592-2505 or going to