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what is a swedish massage

What Is a Swedish Massage: Benefits and Characteristics

Muscle tension can hurt your quality of life. Millions of Americans suffer chronic pain, stiffness, difficulty sleeping, and loss of productivity at work. You don’t have to give up activities you like or depend on over-the-counter pain medication. If you have suffered a muscle injury or a loss of your range of motion, Swedish massage can promote healing and be helpful in the healing process.

Therapies such as Swedish massage therapy services by Ribley Chiropractic can help you reclaim your life. So, what is a Swedish massage? Discover how Swedish massage works, the benefits of Swedish massage, what to expect from your Swedish massage therapy, and how it can change your life.

About Swedish Massage

What is a Swedish massage? Swedish physicians developed the techniques of Swedish massage nearly two centuries ago based on time-tested Chinese massage techniques. Swedish massage focuses pressure on target muscle groups to help them relax and relieve stress. Unlike deep tissue massage, Swedish massage focuses on the muscles closer to the skin surface. Learn more about Swedish massage from this guide by the American Institute of Clinical Massage.

The Swedish Massage Process

Swedish massage uses oil and involves kneading and vibration of muscles on the back and shoulders. A Swedish massage might also include a scalp or head massage. The massage practitioner promotes relaxation and blood circulation by applying rhythmic pressure with their palms and fingers. A typical Swedish massage lasts about an hour but can last longer.

Benefits of Swedish Massage

By relaxing muscles, Swedish massage causes benefits that can spread to your entire body and address a host of health problems. Swedish massage can:

  • Improve circulation to muscles, allowing them to work more efficiently
  • Relieve tension in your joints and bones that can cause chronic pain 
  • Promote physical activity by allowing muscles to move more easily
  • Improve posture, relieving stress on hips, knees, and feet 
  • Provide health benefits from improved sleep and greater enjoyment of physical activities

Each muscle, tendon, ligament, and bone in your body does not work in isolation. Swedish massage restores balance to tense and overworked muscles so that they can work together more efficiently. After a Swedish massage, you should feel refreshed and revitalized.

Swedish Massage and More from Ribley Chiropractic.

What is a Swedish massage? Swedish massage is just one of the massage therapy services that we offer at Ribley Chiropractic. Our repertoire includes sports massage, reflexology, deep tissue massage, and more. We are trusted providers of chiropractic care in the Woodstock, GA, area.

If chronic pain has kept you from enjoying life, our dedicated and compassionate massage therapists are ready to help you with holistic and patient-focused treatments. Learn more about nutritional planning, chiropractic services, and massage therapies by exploring our website or calling us at 770-592-2505 today.