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exercises for neck pain relief

5 Basic Exercises for Neck Pain Relief

Exploring exercises for neck pain relief can help you feel better. You should always follow medical advice when taking care of your neck. 

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1. Neck Rotation

When your neck hurts, you may get relief with a few easy stretches. Start with neck rotation. This stretch requires you to start by looking straight ahead. 

Simply turn your head as though you plan to look over your left shoulder. Take a moment to pause and then look forward again. Repeat the movement to the right before returning to the start position. 

2. Forward Bends

Stretch your neck muscles by bending your chin forward towards your chest. Hold this position for a moment before lifting your head again. You should repeat this movement a few times for the best results. You may also tip your neck back and bring it forward again. 

3. Roll Your Shoulders

Begin this exercise by standing in a neutral and relaxed posture. Gently shrug your shoulders upwards without changing the position of your neck or head. Next, rotate your shoulders circularly, from back to front, for a few rotations. 

After you rotate your shoulders forward a few times, reverse the direction and roll them back several times to allow the muscles to move in all directions. 

4. Bend to the Side

Complete side bends by standing and extending your arms above your head. Claps your hands together and then slowly lean your body to the left. Do not bend your neck as you lean over. 

After bending, return to your start position and then turn to the right. Repeat the movement a few times while keeping your neck straight. 

5. Perform a Seated Twist

You’ll need a chair for this stretch—make sure you select one with a straight back. Sit on the chair and place your right hand on your left knee. Pull on your knee, rotating your shoulders as though you plan to look over the back of the chair. 

Return to center and change the position of your hands, placing your left hand onto your right knee. Repeat the movement a few times for the best results. Note that you can perform these stretches in any order. 

Learn More About Exercises for Spinal Health

Find out how a chiropractor can help with neck pain and learn more about exercises for neck pain relief by reaching out to the experts. A family chiropractor can address all your concerns and schedule an appointment to care for you today. 

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